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XtremeShaver™  SonicGroom

XtremeShaver™ SonicGroom

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The last generation in devices for men groomning

What's the fastest, most effective and painless way to remove hair from any part of my body, and which leaves my skin soft and smooth?

Ask no more! Dr. Marcus Prodi, dermatologist, has recently launched this innovative device which allows for a painless hair removal for a lasting period and results in smooth and healthy skin. And it calls XtremeShaver™!

What is XtremeShaver?

XtremeShaver™ was developed especially for men with sensitive skins who are looking for a quick, effective and smooth shaving experience.

XtremeShaver is the perfect tool to remove hair from any part of the body, from the pubic area, arms, armpits, legs, groins - you choose the area and XtremeShaver does all the work. It takes only one usage and the hair is instantly removed.

As for the pain, it's practically non-existent, since XtremeShaver eliminates the hair by the root instead of pulling or scratching the skin. This makes for a non-invasive process, leaving your skin smooth and soft, without any ingrown hair, cuts, redness, or pimples.


Why is XtremeShaver so effective?

What makes XtremeShaver™ so effective is its advanced Active-Light Technology, a technology that contains a light (the Active-Light) and two swinging heads that cut the hair at the root level.

This technology activates only when in contact with the skin. The light guides the way and ensures the smallest hairs are not ignored.


How does XtremeShaver work?

Using XtremeShaver™ is pretty simple. Once you are ready, just switch on the device and wait for the front LEDs to blink in 1-second intervals, which tells you it is ready.

Next, just run XtremeShaver™ in the area you wish to shave and it will begin working.

When you're finished, simply remove XtremeShaver from your skin and it will become "inactive" after 5 seconds.

It's very simple, fast and painless! And you will love it! In a few seconds XtremeShaver allows you to obtain a smooth and soft skin, without any unwanted hair.

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